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how to get data to exel file from dasylab v12

Hai everybody,


Can any one discribe me how to get the data read through DAQ card to EXCEL file from DASYLAB v12. I can see the data from Y/t Chart and list block but unable to get that data into excel sheet..


Kindly help me get this problem sort-out....:)


Krishna Chaitanya S .

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The best way is to save the data into a ASCII delimited "Write Module."


This will allow you to import the data to Excel

Tom Rizzo
InSyS Corp.
Your DASYLab integrator
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DASYLab does not save data unless you explicitly tell it to.


The Files->Write Data module is one of the ways to save data. Configure the module for ASCII with TAB delimited data and the timestamp and number of decimals that you need, and Excel can easily open and display the file. Note that many older versions of Excel are limited to 65K rows.

Measurement Computing (MCC) has free technical support. Visit and click on the "Support" tab for all support options, including DASYLab.
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I hope this question is not too simple for you experts!


How would you recommend usingh the write module to only write one value when triggered, to the csv file?


I only want to trigger a variable write to csv on specfifc events not on a block by block basis. Ive tried using a trigger module but i seem to get data being written to the csv file continuously. I want to just write one value at a point of my choosing.


Any help appreciated.





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