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how long to get simple multifunctoin DAQ going in Labview?

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i am trying to do some simple, slow digital and analog i/o. about 5 channels total, 1 second update rate is fine.

i tried connecting an Arduino to Labview / PC but could not get things working.


i am thinking of using something like the USB-6001, want to read / write a few pins from within Labview. 

have some experience with Labview -- file i/o, plotting, etc.

would i be able to get running with this USB-6001 within a few hours?


any suggestions appreciated.


michael cohn

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 If you still would like to try this with and Arduino I would suggest trying LINX toolkit. 


Here is a good starting point for DAQmx which is the driver for that DAQ. Also if you have LabVIEW check the example finder under Hardware Input and Output>>DAQmx. This instrument has multiplexed inputs due to a single ADC so your measuments will not be simultaneous. 


Hope this helps.

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thanks govbob!. i will check this out.


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Accepted by topic author michaelbcohn

My current record is 20 minutes on a cDAQ while explaining the program to a novice and pulling the hardware and sensors from stock.  Yes, I started from the Contineous Measurement and logging (DAQmx) Project Template.  Room temp was 19C on average from 3 sensors and my Armpit read 37C-  I no longer have access to the server where the data was logged. 


Any USB DAQ would be just as easy

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thanks jeff, that is what i needed to hear.


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