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how can i use daq PCI-3036E with BNC 2111 to read a quadrature encoder

how can i use daq PCI-3036E with BNC 2111 to read a quadrature encoder
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Hello yasser,

First, we recommend using a SH68-68-EP cable to connect a PCI-6036E to a BNC-2111 (see the BNC-2111 Manual, Table 2, page 4 for more information on connections).

The PCI-6036E has two onboard counters, ctr0 and ctr1.  You can use either of these counters to count the pulses from the encoder in either direction using the counter's source and gate pin.  On the PCI-6036E, the ctr0 source is PFI 8, the ctr0 gate is PFI 9, the ctr1 source is PFI 3, and the ctr1 gate is PFI 4. However, none of these lines are directly accessible on the BNC-2111.  The only PFI lines that are exposed on the BNC-2111 are PFI 0, 2, 7, 12, and 13.  Therefore, you will need to use software to internally route the exposed PFI lines (0, 2, 7, 12, and 13) to the desired counter source and gate PFI lines (3 and 4 or 8 and 9).  This should be possible on the PCI-6036E because there are indirect routes between those terminals.

Please see the instructions in this KnowledgeBase for more information on routing signals on your PCI-6036E in software:
KnowledgeBase 42CBSK07 Device Terminals on an Unlabled Connector Block

For more infromation on knowing which internal routes are available on your device, please refer to this KnowledgeBase:
KnowledgeBase 3WRGIUOC: How Can I Know What Internal Routes are Available on My Device?

For more information on using quadrature encoders with your DAQ device, please see this KnowledgeBase:
KnowledgeBase 0FE9BGSR: How Do I Use a Quadrature Encoder with My Data Acquisition Board?

Erik J.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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