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high speed storage system design



Very sorry if my question sounds not smart but i have been searching about available data-loggers and it was very strange for me that almost all of them have a low speed (few hundreds Hz at most).

e.g. if there is an 8 channels 10Khz 16bit datalogger, it would require the rate 10K x 8ch x 16 bits = 160KBytes/s of sampled data, so SD 2.0 class 2 can achieve this speed  easily (its write speed is at the minimum rate of 2MBytes/s.

1-maybe the power consumption impose low frenquency to save energy if datalogger is self-powered?

2-or the data processing handled during logging (i.e. AD conversion, filtering..) consumes more cycles than storing cycles which would cause a low frequency logging.


i will appreciate any help.



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