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help with simple signal input/output

hi I received my new USB-6008 the other day
And im trying to learn the basics. Not with much success!

Having never used NI DAQ's before i could do with a bit of help.

My Request/Plea is simple
I want to be able to output a signal say 10Hz, receive it on another channel. and show the two on a graph.

I know this sound stupidly simple but, If I could see this working I would find figureing out how to use this thing allot easier

If you have a vi that does this or something similar I would be very grateful to see it.

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Hi John,

Thanks for your post regarding doing simultaneous input and output on your USB device. I have created a VI which pretty much does want you specified. If you have any further questions with this then please feel free to post back.

Best regards,

Peter H.
Applications Engineer.
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I was having the same problems. I managed to get the input channels working via the sample programs, (progams>National Instruments>NI-DAQmx>examples>labview 7>dynamic). where you have to choose your channels type in "dev1/ai0(1..2..3 whichever channel you're using) rather than clicking on the browse button. I am still having trouble getting the ao programs to work. Peter, I'm interested in the program you posted however I don't have Labview 7.1 only version 7.0, I don't suppose you have a V7.0 compatible version?

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Hi Kyle,

I have resaved my example to LabVIEW 7.0 for you. Please find it attached.


Peter H.
Applications Engineer.
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Thanks alot guys.
works great.
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