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help me!!!!!

Dear expert,

I'm a student in a university in Malaysia. Now i'm doing a final year
thesis using National Instruments hardware and ni-daq software.
The thesis is going to use a SC-2043-SG with quarter-bridge or half-bridge
connection and a MIO E series (PCI-6024E).
i have to use Borland C++ to write a program to show the waveform generate
by the strain gauge.

Acctually, i'm not very understand about the hardware and software, so can
anybody please help me to solve this problem.
Thank you.
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Chi Wei, in most NI-DAQ boards, are samples that show how to analyze and recieve inputs. I suggest looking at those. I'm not entirely sure where they are located, but please check the following directory (or something of the like):


Hope this helps.

Alok Tayi
UAlbany Institute for Materials
(518) 442-4529
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