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gate selection at Ni6602


I' programming software for the Ni6602 Counting and DIO card.

I want to try to select the output of any of the general purpose counters

as internal gate-signal for one general purpose counter.
The GPCTR_Change_Parameter - command of the nidaq-6.7 driver offers
only the option ND_OTHER_GPCTR_OUTPUT as gate for a counter.
But you can't choose the output that will be selected after this command.

Is it possible to define the counter, that's output is used as internal
gate-driving-signal or is'nt it ?

' would be grateful for tips,

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Although I am using LabVIEW it is quite easy to generate a pulse to your requirements by using another counter and then wiring the output of this counter to the gate of your counter that you are usig for measurement. If any labview examples would be of use then let me know and ill send some.
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