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fedora 11 nidaqmx

I've been testing an app for the PCI-6224 on Fedora 9 (32-bit) and am building an instrument which is powered by a mini-ITX w/ Intel 330 atom processor.  I thought I would try the latest (Fedora 11) while I was at it, but can drop back to 9 if necessary.


I cannot seem to install NIDAQ800_RedHat.  When I...


mount -o loop /root/NI/NIDAQ800_RedHat.iso /mnt
cd /mnt


I get the error...


Kernel source in /lib/modules/ does not appear to be
configured for the kernel.


There is a number of posts addressing this error, mostly centered on SuSe which call for 'make cloneconfig'.  That is not present on Fedora.  I haven't seen this before in the several times I have done this on Fedora (first on F7, then F9) and now F11.  Could this be associated with the PAE kernel?  Any suggestions?



John Navratil

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I went a little further in following threads and found the suggestion to copy the boot config file over the .config in the kernel source directory.  They were identical.  Thereafter...


 make modules_prepare


resulting in a failure with message ...


 No rule to make target `missing-syscalls'.  Stop.


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Installed Fedora 10 with similar result.


Kernel source in /lib/modules/ does not appear to be
configured for the kernel.

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Hi John,


One good resource we have available for Linux-specific issues is the Linux Users Community Page.  The community is made up of a number of developers and Linux users who work with NI products.  Perhaps somebody there could offer some more insight.


I wish I could provide more advice but I have never tried installing DAQmx to Fedora before (keep in mind that it is not an officially supported distribution).



Best Regards,


John Passiak
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Thanks for the heads-up on the new (to me, anyway) community.  I think I've found the core problem... I should be using the new (to me, anyway), rather than the older NIDAQ800_RedHat.iso.


I'll write up my solution in the Linux Users Community when I've tested it.


-- John Navratil

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Hi John,


I just realized I linked the wrong page for the Linux Community.  Here's the correct link:


John Passiak
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