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I have no way of testing the DAQmx VIs, so I probably missed something.


I am not sure whether the USB-6009 allows combining digital lines into large ports. If you can combine port 0 and port 1 into a single 12-bit port, then you only need one channel and one data input. If the two ports must be kept separate, then you will have two channels and two data elements, probably as an array (1D U8).  Read the manual and look at the help files for the DAQmx VIs.





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 I do not think we can combine. It is like for Digital I/O lines P0.<0..7>..... 8 lines and for P1.<0...3> 4 lines and each channel is individually programmable as input or output.

If I will provide one channel for each line then how can I give 12 output to the digital output ports?

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I tried splitting the deciaml value into two for the Port 0 and Port 1.

Can I do in this way?

How can i supply these datas to the digital output port?

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Hello Lynn,

Please once see my attachment and help me out.

I gave appended array as an input to the DAQ Assistant. It is showing some results in the Optical Spectrum Analyzer but its like it is not showing the wavelength which I have entered. I am confused what actually ia going at  digital output port 0 and port 1 and in which manner it is there .

Thank you

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