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example for ni-4350

I have a DAQCard NI-4350 (PCMCIA) and am trying to program it.  I am running LabView 7


I went to the NI Code Exchange and searched for NI 4350.  One of the examples I found was “Maximizing Acquisition Rates with the NI 435X Data Logger Board Maximizing Acquisition Rates with the NI 435X Data Logger Board”.


After I downloaded the file and ran it during the loading an error came up.  The error is


Entry Point Not  Found


The procedure entry point –pkgModulePackageEventLog@20could  not be located in the dynamic link library NIPALU.DLL.



Can any one tell me what is going on and how I can get around it.


Most of the NI 4350 examples I found will not run after I down load them.


Thanks in advance,



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Hello, John!


When programming your 4350, it's important that you have the appropriate drivers installed on your system. In this case, you'll want the following: NI 4350 Device Driver


If you already have this, a re-install may fix the issue, since it should re-create the DLL in question.


If this does not do the trick, please let us know!

Will Hilzinger | Switch Product Support Engineer | National Instruments
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