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error -10401 AI Group Config — PCI 6035E + SC-2311 labview 2012 Max 5.5

When I open MAX 5.5 and try to expand the "Devices and interfaces" portion the progam seems to hang.


When I expand the "data neighborhood" I can see all of my previosly defined "Traditional DAQ virtual channels" but they are al marked invalid. If I try to test one of them the test fails and gives the error -10401 occurred at AI Group Config


I am running labview 2012 on windows XP with daqmx 9.5.1, MAX 5.5, a PCI 6035E daq card connected to an SC-2311 signal conditioning board.


I am worried that the 6035E is not playing nice - hence why MAX 5.5 hangs upon looking for installed devices.

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Why do you list the version of DAQmx installed but not the version of traditional DAQ?

Traditional DAQ was made obsolete when LabVIEW 7.0 was released.
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Apologies  - I know next to nothing about labview and admittedly only use it out of necessity as a former colleague did all the coding and set everything up many years ago. I am the only one to maintain it now but I know very little about how labview works behind the scenes.


I was told by a support staff member that daqmx 9.5.1 supports our PCI daq card  thus I thought that was sufficient info.

From our MAX 5.5 system information page I see NI-DAQ 7.0.0f8



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That version of traditional DAQ is an obsolete version of an obsolete driver. If you want to use DAQmx, delete traditional daq and the tasks associated with it.
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I don't necessairly want to use DAQmx.

I just wan't this vi to work properly again.

This vi was written ages ago and is fairly simple. All it does is read input from two separate thermocouples which are connected to the SC-2311 signal conditioning board. 


I know the physical channels that the TC's  are connected to (as in which specific amplifiers 5B40 or 5B37 as numbered by the SC23-11).

The traditional DAQ virtual chanels, defined in MAX,  were the method our vi used to specify which channel to read input from.


again I have to admit I have only a cursory knowledge of how the vi runs and its password protected to prevent editing - of course the password is long since gone.


I am more than willing to start over and write my own vi. The task is relatively simple  - read voltage from TC - pass voltage to a T(V) function as defined by the TC manufacturer, display Temperature. 


The problem then is I do not know much about how to pull input from the external device. 

When I run Measurement  I/O assistant - it doesn't show any installed devices (the PCI 6035E) and MAX 5.5 hangs up when expanding the "devices and interface" tab to search for installed devices.


I appreciate all the help.



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You can try bringing traditional DAQ up to the most recent version.

The IO Assistant had nothing to do with DAQ. You can try the DAQ Assistant.
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