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dual 6133 in 1062q conneected to laptop via 8360



I see that you have DAQmx version 8.7.1, the most current version is now 8.9:



For the Chassis and cards not being recognized correctly, are you making sure to always turn on the PXI Chassis before turning on the controlling PC? 



Eric K

Applications Engineer

National Instruments

Message Edited by Eric K on 01-21-2009 01:53 PM
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Yes, ;the chasis is on first.  the most reliable way I have been able to make this work, is to use the file 1042q for the 1062q chasis.  If only national would make a similar file for the 1062q this would alleviate this headache.  The 1042q chasis does not support the pxie express cards but I am only using regular cars at this time.  All the dell computers I use now see the chasis, the slots and I can run the 6133 in dual, meaning I can collect 16 channels simultaneously.


Bottom line is the 1062q auto id just is not reliable.  I am curious why there is not a similar file for the 1062q so you can manually id the chasis?



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Would it be possible to get a screen shot of what your MAX configuration looks like?


The other thing you may try is reinstalling PXI platform services, which can be found at:


Eric K

Applications Engineering

National Instruments

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Hi Leonard,

There should be a file that Measurement & Automation Explorer uses to reference information about the PXIe-1062 chassis. This file is usually located here: C:\Program Files\National Instruments\PXI\Hardware Descriptions\Chassis. I would verify that you have admin rights and nothing is stopping MAX from accessing the file. MAX has to read a write to this file to load and save configurations respectively. Going from what Eric mentioned, we can try a reinstall of the PXI Platform Services. This is the driver that includes the ini files of the hardware. I'm also attaching my ini file for the 1062 chassis, which hopefully fixes your issue.


Hope this helps

Can Wong
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I reinstalled the new PXI platform disk that came with a Chasis I just recieved.  I have not had time to take screen shots.  But still does not see the chasis and therefore does not assign slot.  I have admin rights, will try the file you sent.  Since I have the workaround, I am not working on this except when I get time.  I just identify the chasis as 1042Q and it works. 


Why not have the same type of file for the 1062q? 

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I have added a screen capture bmp file, that shows the present setup with chasis id as 1042q, if I delete the 1042q I get unidentified chasis, and the cards will not have a chasis or slot associated with them.  The system will run but not with a dual setup of 6133 cards since the slots are not id.


The 1062.ini file is located where you said it you should be.  I have admin rights.  What else could keep the file from being loaded or how can I verify or force it to load.



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having major issues with dell computers, express card and 1062 pxi chasis.  Using nidaqdmx 9.8  platfom 3.3. max 5.5.

Max sees the cards installed in the crate, but does not see the cards in the crate.  That is no slot is associated with the 6133 in the chasis.


I have an xps1700 windows xp    it saw the chasis once, reported serial number, but since reboot has not.

sees 8360, smbbus, 6133 cards.  But not chasis. 


optiplex has same issue.


dell workstation m6800, running windows 7  the same issue. Did clean install 9.8 first, the platform 3.2 then connected to chasis.  ran max 5.5 


none of these computers report the pxi 1062q chasis.  They all see the 6133 cards in the chasis but no the slots.


in my computer they all see the 6133 cards, the 8360 and smbus natioal instrument. 


I am at a loss as to why the crate is not seen in max 5.5

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Can you see the a PCI-to-PCI bridge in Windows Device Manager? Is there any warning in Windows Device Manager? Do you have NI-VISA installed as well? If you do, what version of VISA do you have?

Noah | Applications Engineer | National Instruments
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pci bridges exist

ni visa installed

max 5.5

on three of the computers did a create pxi chasis

identified as 1042q  since no 1062q in list of crates.  This worked but still is not perfect.


The xps laptop really problem.  when I tried to identify i would get errror 80004005  knowledge base implied problem with datasockket, does not make sense. 


none of the machinges has identified the chassis as a 1062q, but I can do the 1042q create and the pxi 6133 are assigned to correct slots.


adding reports on the xps which has the error and will not allow identify or removal of chassis.  only way to removed chassis is using tool in max 5.5 and reseting.



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Have you checked to see if the PXI services are running in Windows Task Manager? Do you have the most up-to-date BIOS software for you computer that you can have?

Noah | Applications Engineer | National Instruments
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