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dual 6133 in 1062q conneected to laptop via 8360

Cannot get the task to run two 6133 cards using a 1062Q chasis connected to a laptop via a 8360 card. Right now one of the cards is installed and real and other card is virtual.   Keeps telling me I have to identify pxi chasis.  If I use a controller 8105 with 1042Q chasis with two virtual cards  then it works. 


Need a solution to get this going.  How do I the external pc setup to run two 6133 throught the 8360 card to the 1062q chasis.



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Hello Leonard,

The first item that I would like for you to take a look at is the NI ExpressCard MXI Series User Manual . This manual will give you step by step instructions to getting the system up and running. As well I am assuming that you have NI-DAQmx installed on the laptop that you are using? If not you can find the one for you located here. NI-DAQmx 8.7.1 - Windows 2000/Vista x64/Vista x86/XP.
This driver should be installed first before proceeding with the connection of the laptop to the chassis. From there you should boot the chassis with 6133 card installed, then boot the laptop with expresscard installed. From there Windows should recognize the card and perform an install of the Found New Hardware Wizard. Select to do this automatically. Once the PCI-to-PCI bridge is installed, the laptop will then find the 6133 card and perform the Found New Hardware Wizard again. If it does not, open Measurement & Automation Explorer(MAX) and righ click on PXI and identify as external PC. Then right click and identify the chassis as the 1062Q. The next time you reboot the chassis and laptop, following proper bootup, the laptop should then recognize the 6133 card. Thanks again and have a great day!



Nicholas K


National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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I have it running on dell tower system.  Pxi chassis identified correctly as 1062 q.  The two 6133 cards are running fine.

I moved system to laptop, and it does not have a 1062q controller under list of chasis.  Where is this ini file located?


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Laptop is a dell xps 1710

windows xp

8360 controller, with  Ni expresscard 8360.

In device hardware reports smbus controller

and teh  two cards. 


I have updated ni-daqmx to 8.71.

Measurement and automation explorer sees both 6133 cards with the laptop.

When you look at the devices under ni-daqmx it reports the devices but not a chasis number or a slot number.


Under the PXI sytsem I have identified the sytems as external. Expanding the Pxi bus it lists the devices with pxi-bus21.

Reports 6133 card under pxi settings as being in chassis one slot7.  Reports second 6133 in chasis1 slot 7.


I tried setting up a to d analog voltage in using 1 channel from each card.  Cannot run because it reports back chasis not identifed.

I right clicked on chasis and Identify up, but the list does not have a 1062q on it.  I tried other and cannot find it.


tasks that use one channel from each card run fine.  I am sure the problem is because measurement and automation has not identified the chassis.


Note on pxi basis says the pxi express chassis is suppose to be automatically detected.  If this is the case then it is not reporting it back such that I ran both cards. 


I have a dell optiplex 745 with the pci card linking the 8360 controller.  In this setup measurement automation idenified the chasis as the 1062q and reported the slots that the 6133 cards were in.  The dual task runs fine.


I am at a loss as to why the laptop cannot identify the chassis. 



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additonal update the dell 820 laptop configured correctly.  It does not list smbbus in the device hardware for computer but a pcimcia card.


the dell xps1710 with the same express card cannot identify the chasis, as described in post above

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Hey Leonard,

Please go to Dell's website and ensure that your laptop has the latest bios revision on it. Then try the installation again and let me know if that fixes the problem or not. Thanks again and have a good day!



Nicholas K

National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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will try updating drivers as soon as I can.


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I am by no means an expert in MXI configuration, but I did see that a few other customers had run into a similar issue when they had simulated devices configured in the system.  The PXIe-1062Q will not show up under the listing for chassis in MAX. The PXI Platform Services has added a new auto-identify feature that should automatically find the chassis. For example, when a PXIe-8103 is plugged into a PXIe-1062Q the system should be completely identified when you first open MAX.


There have been other reports of behaviors similar to what you are reporting.  In some cases removing the simulated device from MAX, unidentify the complete system and then restart your computer.  Then try to readd the simulated devices.




Neil S.

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I had one of my pxie-1062q crates go bad.  I replaced it and had problem with Max identifing the crate.  this time its with the dell latitude 820. I updated the bios to a09, I installed the nidaq 8.7 and still does not see the crate and slots, and I removed the identification and retired. 

6133 Cards are seen, under ni-daqmx devices, but not with a slot identification or chasis identification.  So when the visual basic code runs it says too many tasks open., i am running both cards. 


Under pxi system(external Pc)

  Pxi  pxi6133  unkown chasis  unknow slot

         pxi 6133 '''''''             '''         '''         '''



I have rebooted and shut down chasis.  Same result does not assign slots, or chasis.



In device manager for the laptop, 8360 smbus identified.  There are no yellow marks anywhere.


This is an old problem, but until the chasis power supply went, the 820 with the Pxi crate was running sort of, and the xps laptop dell has never run write.  With a dell tower everything is identified correctly and the vb6 code runs fine.


I am at a loss as why my laptops are having such a difficult time.



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Does anyone know why the 1062q auto ID under Max fail so often.  I had it working on a dell laptop 820 latitude.  After the crate failed and installed a new crate, could not get the max to id the cards, that is assign a slot number and chasis.  I upgraded the software to 8.7.1 Ni-Daqmx, still no good.


I tried removing all cards, removing the devices from max and restarting crate without cards.  Unidentified chasis came up changed it to external pc.  Turned it off and installed cards.


Came up again, no slots or chasis assigned to the 6133 cards.


Cards identified  under nidaqmx devices but slots or chasis not assigned.

they alos appeared under Pxi system (external Pc)

and again slot not assigned or chasis.


Listed buses and found them on bus 22, out of desperation changed bus to chasis.  Again needs to identified, so I tried a 1042Q chasis id.  The 6133 cards are in normal slots.  After this change the cards were assigned a chasis and slot and my vb6 code runs.


Why not have a chasis file for the 1062Q and end this nightmare with the autodetect with max. 

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