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driver development for 6221 card in RTX & VC++

Hello All,

For my application, I need to use NI-6221 card in RTX (Adrence/Venturcom) and VC++ environment. Since NI provides RTX support only in LabVIEW environment, It was informed that we need to write a register level program.

I have got some examples (for register level program) from NI website (MHDDK) which when I try to compile, it throws an error looking for some RTX functions.

1. I am using RTX v6.0 for development. Is there something else i need to install to get those RTX functions. What is the procedure that i should follow to compile the examples?

2. In my application, I have the register level program for NI-6013 (E-Series) card in RTX environment. Is the acquiring procedure same for both E-series and M-series cards?

3. I also need the base address for accessing the cards memory. Is there any document that gives the details of the base address and other offset addresses?

Any information on this regard will be of great help to me.

Ashok kumar A.
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Please post this in the DDK forums, that will get better exposure to the people that can help you.

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