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digital output coinciding with acquisition of analog input

I have an analog input task currently configured to begin sample acquisition once one of the channels breaches a threshold voltage. I would like to also have a digital output signal sent at the same time. However whenever i try to configure the digital output task to begin with either the channel in the analog input task in a start analog edge vi or with a start digital edge vi using the dev1/ ai /starttrigger, I get an error stating that "either the property is not supported by the device or applicable to the task". I am using two PXI-6133s.


I am unsure what is wrong or whether there is another form of accomplishing the desired output.


Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Hello fchacon,


I had seen a similar example, it is a temperature measurement that reaches a treshold and then triggers a counter output task. I think you could review it and try to adapt it to your needs. (let me know if you are using another LabVIEW version and I'll upload it again for that version if you need)


Please refer to the attachemets below.


Hope this helps you go in the right direction.





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1)  Use the AI Sample clock as the sample clock for your DO task.


2)  If you just need a pulse to trigger something externally, export the analog comparison event (or use it to trigger a counter output if you need to output a pulse of a certain length--I assume Daniel's example does this though I don't have LV 2013 installed to view his attachment).




Best Regards,

John Passiak
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