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differential measurement with a 6030e

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If I have two signals and a want to make a differential measurement between the hot (non ground) wires,  how do I configure the board?  It's supposed to make 16 single ended or 8 differential measurements. In the latter case, does that means that the device can be configured to make 8 differential measurements from 16 inputs?
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Good Morning Exo,


Using a differential connection is definitely a good way to measure an analogue input, as you already understand you halve your channel count when using differential but it will avoid any grounding problems that may occur (eg ground loops).


The following knowledge based article details the different connection types please refer to "Table 1: analog input connections" for details on how to connect up your circuit. I would recommend using the bias resistors but they are not vital for a differential connection.


Please don't hesitate to contact me if you require any more assistance


Best Regards

Ben L
Field Engineer
National Instruments
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What is the expected voltage range (with respect to common aka ground) of each of the 'hot' wires?

You may also want to check the specs of your DAQ device for the maximum allowable voltage on the inputs with respect to ground.



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