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detecting Chassis modules from 6110 card

I am using 6110 card and SCXI 1124 to analog input.The chassis I am using is 1000DC.I am trying to detect the module on MAX.But it shows and error "make sure that your DAQ device is not being used by other application".
So how to solve this problem?
I have done "Reset device " on DAQmx. Still It is not detecting the modules from Chassis (1000DC).When I tried to reset the Chassis after reseting the device it signals an error"-88705 The Chassis reset has failed.The device may have not installed and so much/........."
Actually I am using
NI DAQmx 7.4
NI 6110 Card.
SCXI 1000DC +SCB 68 cable+module 1121,1124+terminal block+1320+1327
So what should I do?
waiting for reply
Haider (
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