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details about error 42hg08dd in 6259

iam trying to open measurement and automation explorer but it is displaying an error that "error in connecting database.please refer to error 42hg08dd in knowledge base article..", what is the problem give me the solution

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I have followed and done all the recommendations mentioned in the link above or in other forums so on my computer:

- Firewalls are disables completely,

- NI Configuration Manager in Service, is running,

- Keysight connection experts are disabled,

- disabled the network connection totally on my computer and tried to run it again

- Reset Configuration Data is done

- I reinstalled NI VISA totally and installed it again

 but still my NI MAX opens so slowly and when trying to pen the VISA Options window, I see the error mentioning that it can't connect to database....

I do appreciate any other suggestions or idea to solve it.

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