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delay using block in with AT-DIO-32HS

I inserted in a loop 4 sequential DIG_Block_In() calls to get input data with
my AT-DIO-32HS in handshake mode.
Before each call the program ensures that the previous transfer was completed,
by means of DIG_Block_Check() calls, which indeed automatically call DIG_Block_Clear()
at the end. The first call reads a small header (6 shorts) and retrieves
how many data the next call should get. The second call reads that amount
of data (which can be rather huge, say up to 2 Mbytes, dinamycally allocated).
The third call reads a second header and the last call reads another huge
block of data. This four operations must be repeated 100 times. What I experience
is that the first time the loop is executed everything works fine,
but before
the second execution (getting next "first" header) the system waits for several
seconds (!!). Note that the 4 calls use 4 distinct data buffers. I would
avoid using double buffering in this case because my problem is really sequential
and can be easily managed in the described way. Any help ?
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