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dataoverflow??? pci 6014 in LabView 6

hi, i´m using the pci 6014 card in Labview 6.0.1

i am just collecting 4 analoge voltage input signals from 4 channels in differential mode. i start the programm and sometimes it runs 9h or 70h. sometimes there are some voltage peaks in my txt. file, which I work with in excel after measuring. for example: one input has to register a 6V signal and this signal is really constant!!! sometimes labview register 10V or more. I don´t now where they come from the signal has to be registered as 6V. Smiley Sad
i don´t think there is an error in the vi. but I attach it below.

thanks Tinibini

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There are a couple of things you should do. One, do not use separate AI Acquire functions for each channel. You should be using a single AI function and specify all channels in the list. I don't remember the exact syntax for the old DAQ but I think it's would be something like 0-4 or 0-1,4. Second, you would be better off using lower level functions in a loop instead of the AI Acquire Waveform. The AI Acquire Waveform will do configuration of the DAQ hardware each time you call it. Look at the block diagram of this function and the block diagram of the function of the subVI being called. What you should have is functions like AI Config outside the while loop and the only thing inside would be an AI Read.

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hi Dennis, thanks!  Smiley Happy

i didn´t now there were so much things i have to look at Smiley Surprised
but i simply have some questions about what you wrote:

which vi i have to use to specify all the channels in a list? and where do i need to write the syntax in, or in which vi? iam not understanding for what i need it, or where? Smiley Indifferent

thank you for quickly answering!!!

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The VI that you use for the channel list is AI Config. It's on the same palette as the AI Acquire Waveform. You should look at the shipping examples. I have 8.5 and this version no longer has the examples for traditional DAQ so I can't provide an exact name.
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thank you dennis,

you are really a good help, i´ll try the changes tomorrow, hope it will work!!!!!!! Smiley Happy
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