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data type for AI in DAQ card

I have a PCI-6036E DAQ card, 16 bit. I can use it for analog input with range from -10V to 10V.
In the labview, I can only choose two data types, binary and scaled. I want to use the acquired data to  contruct  16-bit images.
So I hope anyone can tell me which data type I should choose and what  VIs  I should  add  after  AI.  Thank you.
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Thank you for contacting National Instruments. To get started, I recommend taking a look at the NI Example Finder (Help>>Find Examples in LabVIEW). In the NI Example Finder, a list of folders will appear. Go to Hardware Input and Output>>DAQmx>>Analog Measurements (DAQmx will be in the list if you have installed the DAQmx drivers).
To construct images, take a look at the Picture Functions Palette. It is located under All Functions>>Graphics & Sound in the Functions Palette.
Michael P
National Instruments
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