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daqmx driver for USB 6008

I am curious to solve this new problem I have been facing. My entire application was written in LabVIEW 2010 SP1 and I think daqmx driver 9.4.0 (can't remember). I recently got the latest LabVIEW 2012 32 bit and installed that to use the latest version. Ofcourse, it did not go so well and now I am facing a slew of problems thanks to many different versions and not being able to keep track. Questions:


1) After upgrading with the received DVD's, I went to NI website to find daqmx's latest version is 9.6.0. But, I have a NI USB 6008 OEM and I am wondering if this driver version works with the daq card I have. On the website it shows USB 6008 compatible to 9.5mx (wonder what mx means? ) ?


2) Should I revert back to whatever version of drivers are provided on DVD's?


3) should every vi and subvi be opened and saved for LV2012 and should I also replace all daqmx read/write/open/close etc functions in each vi with the latest palette functions?


4) Will an application created with LV2010 and daqmx 9.4.0 work when that system's daqmx ddriver has been updated to 9.6.0? Or will there be further problems?


Please guide me with this issue. What is the safest way to create applications in terms of version control for LV and daqmx and instrument drivers and what are issues with upgrading to the latest?




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If you want to use DAQmx with 2012, you need to keep 9.6 and of course 9.6 is compatible with the 6008.


If you want to convert your old code to 2012, then you would open and save it in 2012. It's that simple. If you don't want to convert, don't open and save. You will be keeping 2010, I would assume. There is no need to replace any DAQmx functions. The replacement of the latest driver is automatic. There is no need to change the actual VIs.


Yes, 9.6 is compatible with 2010.


You say you face a slew of problems but you don't mention what those problems are.

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Thank you for your reply. The problem I am facing is it works on one computer, but when installed on another computer it works inconsistently. They are seeing errors from sensors that aren't actually there, bbut the application is reporting them. When they try again, it works OK. I have a feeling that the DAQ channels that receive Inputs are not functioning as expected, although when I use the same application here at our local site, everything is fine and dandy. It is this sort of inconsistency that has me worried.

Also, I have an earlier version of my application (build on LabVIEW 2010) installed on other sites, will that application continue to work now that I have upgraed the daqmx to 9.6.0 even though the application was built on LV 2010 and 9.4.0daqmx?

I may not be perfect, but I'm all I got!
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