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daq usb series x synchronization

I currently have a setup with 2 USB DAQ X series 6363 and 6356 and SignalExpress. I want to use both DAQs simultaneously to acquisite data. I am aware of the fact that I have to synchronize the two DAQs and according to this source I can achieve this by using both PFI0 lines (Multi-Device Synchronization Then I will need the provided DAQmx to acquisite data.


However, I am only using SignalExpress and I am wondering if it is even possible to use two DAQs with the aforementioned synchronization method in combination with SignalExpress. Can someone elaborate on this and explain whether the aforementioned steps are sufficient. 

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Thanks for your posting here. I found some useful links which are given below.

I hope these will help you. If you have any questions just let it me know.


Synchronizing Multiple Data Acquisition (DAQ) Devices


USB X Series DAQ Overview




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Thank you for your answer. Whenever I acquisite data with SignalExpress I get the following error:

Error-201426 occured at DAQ Asisstant.


One or more devices do not support multidevice tasks. However, USB X series 6363 and 6353 should support this.

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I found some info in the forum posts which you can see below. Besides, you can look at the Sync Multiple Devices in the Example Finder of LabVIEW to see how you can use these devices (For example Analog Input -

I see that each of your devices has to have its own task which you can see it in the LabVIEW example.


Hope this helps,




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