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counter input level for PCI 6111 board

i have a pci 6111 which i would like to use its ctr0 to generate a pulse series, more specifically, i have a digital clk input at ~100K, i want use to ctr0 to generate ~1k signal by counting 100 clocks for each pulse output


I connected the 100k clk to PFI0, it works pretty well untill i connected the clk to another 50Ohm input device parallelly . the high status voltage level was brought down from 4v to ~ 1.3v by this low impedance, then the clk level is not high enough to drive the counter anymore.


is there a way to use this low level clk in this case for this particular board by some software configuration?







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No, you need additional circuit to drive such low impedance.

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@shelepr@ni: I don’t think so for the PCI 6111 board there is any software configuration which would solve this problem because when you connect the 100k and 50 ohm resistance in parallel the total resistance reduces which drops the voltage from 4V to 1.3V so you need a driver circuit which would provide the required current to the devices and it is not possible with software because the software does not boost the current in the circuit.

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