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counter 6024E

I´m very new to Labview,so i´ve got a problem of controlling my counters. I´ve got 2 counters on my 6024E Board and i want to use one counter to start the second, or the ohter oportunity is to use the first counter as gate for the second one to start it. The solution with the gate has the problem that in my description of the board only is mentioned that you have to address one of the PFI lines to use it as gate line, but not the way you can do this.
The other problem  is that i don´t know how to handle 2 counters in one labview vi. There´s always the error: 104101 occured at CTR Control.
I´m using labview 6.1i . My  first input signal is an TTL signal of an sensor, which is conected to the source pin of the card.The second input ,which should only start the counting is an single TTL peek. Reverenz is grounded.
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What do you want to do exactly? Do you want to start your counter once or more often?

Can you please post your vi?

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Hallo, thx for the answer. I´m not at school till monday, so i can´t post the vi. I want to use the counter to check the nullposition at the beginning of a measure. So it woulb be enough if its only starts one time.
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if you want to start a task you can do that with a trigger.

I have attached an example where edges are counted (started with trigger). If you want to do a position measurement you have to know how many pulses on a specific length/rotation are generated. Then you can calculate the position.

Best regard,

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Thank you for the example , i´m still thinking about the gate solution but if it doesn´t work, i´ll try to trigger the counter.
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