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connect TPC-2206 to cDAQ 9189

Dear all,

I was wondering if someone has tried to connect a cDAQ module on a touch panel, such as TPC-2206. I have a cDAQ 9189. The DAQmx version currently installed on my host computer and the TPC-2206 is the 18.0 and I use Labview 2015. Basically, what I would like to do is to use the TPC-2206 to start and monitor a VI acquiring from the cDAQ that saves data onto my host computer.

Can you suggest the documentation to complete such a task?


thanks in advance,


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Hi Valeria,

Some time ago a user asked a question similar to yours, and was told to refer to this document.

As old as it is, I hope it may help you.

Kind regards,


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Dear Alamanna,

Unfortunately, some of the links that are mentioned in the article are not working anymore.


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Hi Valeria,

I'm aware of it, after all the TPC-2206 is a legacy product and not much documentation is available. I can suggest you to refer to the getting started guide and to the user manual.



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