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communication protocal for NI 9222

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I can not believe I need to ask this question, but after extensive search I figured I need to ask - sorry for such a simple question.


I just got my NI-9222 and NI-9263, they come with VGA port. So how should I connect them to my PC? It is hard to find VGA cable these days so I just tried whatever I have in hand - VGA/HDMI, VGA/D; MAX can not find the device after I plug in.


I checked the user manual and installation guide, and can not find any related information. There are VGA/USB, RS485/USB adapter out there , but I want to make sure which ones to use before I rush order something.



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Accepted by topic author Yijing

Those are NOT VGA signals.  Yes, they do use a similar connector.  If you are trying to use DAQmx with these modules, then you need a cDAQ chassis.  They range from USB to Ethernet connections and single slot to 14 slot.  Based on your very simple description, I would probably go with a cDAQ-9174, which is a 4 slot USB chassis.

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Accepted by topic author Yijing

Hi Yijing,

I agree with everything Crossrulz said, you need a chassis to be able to use those modules. Additionally for future reference so you're not in a similar situation again, on our website whenever you go to purchase a module that is designed to be part of a larger system, the 'configure system' option at the bottom of the product page will help you figure out everything you need to get a full system working. Let us know if you have any other questions!



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