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cdaq 9178 LEDs not, lighting possibly broken?

 I left my 9178 chassis with a couple of 9211s on it to monitor some temperatures. When I came in this morning my VI had stopped running as it was programmed to do, and the data looked fine. When I went to begin another run I was receiving an error code suggesting there might something wrong with my 9211s. When I went to check the 9178's light were off. I took off all of the 9211s and unplugged and plugged the power back in. the only response I get from the 9178 is an audible buzzing, but nothing else, ( no lights, and no recognition in NIMAX, etc)


Do you guys have any suggestions for trouble shooting? At this point I'm pretty sure I have send it in for repair but I want to be sure it is actually broken.

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I'm assuming your chassis wasn't buzzing before you had this issue, so that probably isn't a good sign. What error code were you getting with the 9211s?


If you have a different power supply you can try using that. Otherwise, I'd check to see if you can see the device in Windows Device Manager (but I think this what you meant by no recognition in NIMAX, etc).



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Hey Ryan,


Yea the chassis is most definitely broken, I tried another power supply as you suggested but the I am still running into the same problem, and that's right I cannot see the device in windows device manager. I will see if its worth sending it in to get repaired.


Thank you!



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