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cdaq-9171 and DAQmx API

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I have build my own program with .NET Daqmx API to use DAQ devices. It works, I can create and launch tasks for Analog/Digital input/output.

I just tried to plug a cDAQ 9171. It is detected, but device->GetPhysicalChannels() will always return an empty array, so I cannto do anything with it.

Hwoever, I I launch DAQ express, I can see that the device works correctly, and that voltage is detected on the pins.

How can I detect the Analog Input channels on that devices in my code ? Why does it behave differently than PCI or USB boards ?


If I force the channels to be named cDaq1Mod1/ai0, it just works. So the question is : whay does dthe device does not report such channel names ?

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I found the list of channels for the device :


Should I hard-code it ? Why is it not reported correctly by the Daqmx API ?

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Accepted by topic author pierrechatelier
04-10-2019 02:40 AM

I have found it.
I did not understand that the CDAQ was a wrapper around "ChassisDevices". I can get all information by querying ChassisModuleDeviceNames and opening the sub devices.

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