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calibrating NI-PXI 6052 error 200546

I am using Calibration Executive 3.2 to calibrate my SCXI1520/1102/1102B/1102C modules and PXI-6052E Daq cards. I was able to successfully calibrate my Daq card but my cards SCXI can't be adjust. 
When I get to the adjust voltage section I get the error 200546 (External calibration failed, and the external calibration data has not been changed. Make sure that the reference signal used for the calibration is stable and that the voltage matches the value specified to the calibration software. Disconnect the device from any external signals that might be introducing noise.). 
I have a DAQmx 9.5.5 that's why i don't understand the problem. In the other problems with the error 200546, it was a problem of drivers too old.
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