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I'm trying to configure the right system for a control loop and i have a couple of doubts. In my lab I have a cRIO-9023 real-time controller, it has 4 slot on its chassis and no DAQmx driver. 

Because for my I/O purpose i need at least 4 NI module and i would like to have a little bit of flexibility for possible upgrades i'm wondering how can i increase the number of slot available in my system. 


What i've thought is to buy a cRIO Ethernet Expansion Chassis with 4 slot, it it a good idea? Are there any other way to solve the issue?


About the DAQmx driver, the cRIO i have is a little old and hasn't this kind of driver, using a new extender doesn't allow me to use them, right?


Thank you and have a nice day

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