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cDAQ controller and cDAQ chassis



As part of my diploma work, I have to create a concept for digital data acquisition from an engine test bench.

For that, I wish to work with the "CompactDAQ Controller" products. Unfortunately the largest model has 8 slots.


Is it possible to combine an 8-slot CompactDAQ Controller with an x-slot CompactDAQ Chassis?


Are these products compatible with LabVIEW NXG 5.1?


Thanks for your answer and best regards 😉






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Hi there,


cDAQ controllers are very old products and now are rarely used, and personally, I do not recommend including them in your project. More, they are not compatible with LabVIEW NXG 5.1 as mentioned here:



Solution: You can use

1- Instead of cDAQ controller -> cRIO controller

2- Instead of cDAQ chassis -> cRIO chassis

And keep everything else intact.

cDAQ stands for compact data acquisition.

cRIO stands for compact reconfigurable Input-Output. (Younger and stronger brother of cDAQ).


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also keep in mind that LabVIEW NXG 5.1 is the last NXG-version.


I do not recommend to start a new project with that LabVIEW version anymore.


Depending on your DAQ-requirements a cDAQ-chassis might be sufficient - or why do you think, that you need the cDAQ-controller requirements?


Regards, Jens

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here's the correct link about the end of NXG:

Regards, Jens
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Thank you very much for your feedback.


The objective of my work is to digitize the data acquisition of an engine test bench.


The goal is to be able to make simultaneous measurements on several independent workstations.That's why I want to use a device with an integrated controller (cRIO or cDAQ controller).


Then the display of the results is done on a centralized computer equipped with the LabVIEW software. This computer is installed in the control room isolated from the test benches.


Best regards.

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