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Hi! I am looking for some help figuring out power supply requirements for 2 cDAQ chassis. 


I am looking to have 2 cDAQ-9189 chassis. 


One chassis has:

  • NI-9476
  • NI-9205
  • NI-9237
  • NI-9237
  • NI-9216

The other has:

  • NI-9476
  • NI-9205
  • NI-9265
  • NI-9202
  • NI-9202

What is the process for determining the power supply requirements? I know NI offers power supplies, but I'm unfortunately a little clueless when it comes to this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! 

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Start by looking at the specification.  The cDAQ chassis needs 9 to 30V (12V or 24V are common) that can supply a maximum of 16W.  If you want to power both chassis with the same supply, you will need 32W.  If you want to power other things with this supply, you need more power capacity.


And P = V*I.  So do a little math to figure out which supply you need.  NI's supplies are 24V.  Assuming a single supply for both chassis, you need 32W/24V = 1.3A.  So the NI PS-14 (24V, 3.3A) will work just fine.


I am personally using a DRB120-24-1 by TDK-Lambda to power one of my cRIO systems.  It is about 1/5 the price of the NI equivalent.

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Thank you for your response - this was really helpful!  

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