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cDAQ DAQmx timing sample clock DO / DI on same module



Simulate system :

CDAQ ==> 9178

Module 1 ==> 9375

Module 2 ==> 9201


What I want to do :

I would like to change the sample rate of my DI's to have the same sample rate than the AI's channel.

No problem when I use different modules for the DO's and DI's but when the DI's and DO's are on the same module the system no longer works...


The problem :

When I use the DAQmx timing VI the error -201105 occurs when I start the DI task.


[Error -201105 occurred at: DAQmx Start
Possible reasons:
The resource requested by this task has already been reserved by another task which has parameters incompatible with this task.
Release this resource for other tasks that use this device or change their settings to be compatible with this task.
Task name: _unnamedTask <52>]


But when I use the property node to change the sample rate no more problems to start the task!

Can someone explain me the difference between this 2 methods please?

And why I can't use the DAQmx timing VI to do my configuration?(when I use the same module for DO and DI)


I made a little VI to simulate my problem.


Thanks a lot for your help and do not hesitate to ask me questions if I have not been clear enough.



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