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cDAQ DAQmx timing sample clock DO / DI on same module

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Accepted by topic author JonathanEstevez

Bad news -- this seems to be an inherent restriction for that particular digital module.


I tried replicating your system with simulated devices, saw the same error, and tried a number of additional DAQmx signal routing "tricks" to try to prevent it.   None of them worked.


So I did some more thorough searching on the site here and found this.  It looks like you'd need an additional digital module.  Or perhaps a different one -- it sounds like the restriction is for "serial bidirectional modules".  I'd venture that the high channel count is probably why the 9375 is serial (and thus restricted) rather than parallel (and perhaps *not* restricted?).



-Kevin P

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Hello Kevin,


Thanks a lot for your help!!


I unfortunately came to the same conculsion as you... thank you for confirming it to me.

I finally decided to go with 2 separate modules one in DO and the other in DI so each module has its own functionality and I can do my sync separately when I want.


Again thank you for taking the time to find a solution to my problem.


Best regards


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