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cDAQ 9265 Increased Output



We are using a 9265 to for a 4-20mA device. It both powers, and controls the device. 


We want to use a 9203 to read back the 4-20mA command. 


The issue is, the device has approximately 550 ohm impedance, plus the 130 ohm impedance of the 9203, puts us over the maximum 600 ohm of the 9265, and compliance voltage of the 9265 isnt enough to push a full 20mA to the device.


We have other ways to read it back, but my concern is, how future proof are we? If we have a new device that requires more power, and compliance voltage of the 9265 isnt enough, we wont have any other options for control? (Other than another standalone loop calibrator).


So, is there a more powerful 9265?



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Unfortunately all the C Series current output modules can drive only up to 12V which means you're limited to only 600ohms load.

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