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cDAQ-9189 with NI 9482 Persistence

I was wondering if anyone had any idea about persistence on these modules.  When I restart my computer (but the chassis and module remain powered on the whole time), all the relays reset themselves when the computer reboots.  Is there anyway to avoid this, short of only rebooting the computer at certain times (which I have already implemented)?  Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Hi sullivnc,


When MAX reaches out to establish a connection (as it does after a reboot), it sends a reset command, which sets the device to its default state. There isn't a way to prevent this, but some folks have seen mild success unreserving their network cDAQ before rebooting the computer, but I cannot vouch for this approach. I would anticipate that upon re-reserving the device, it would also reset.


If the cDAQ is interfacing with critical hardware, it would be wise to move the switches external to the cDAQ or move to a cRIO platform.

Kevin S.
Technical Support Engineering
National Instruments
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