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cDAQ-9185 needs double (DAQ-)start time than cDAQ-9184


We tried to use the cDAQ-9185 Ethernet chassis to acquire data with our measurement software and DAQmx.

Previously we had a hardware setup with cDAQ-9184 chassis in our testing machines.

Now we recognized that the start time of a DAQ (same software and drivers) on 9185 device is double the start time than on a 9184 device.

For example 300ms before, now it takes 600ms to get the acquisition started.


Firmware version: 18.6.0

DAQmx version: 17.1


Any ideas or hints?

Thanks in advance!





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There is some additional overhead in starting a task on the cDAQ-9185 relative to the 9184 due to some additional work needed for the network time synchronization features of the 9185.


Unfortunately, DAQmx does not allow you to disable the synchronization features currently.

Brandon Streiff ·
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Thanks Brandon!


Unfortunately that`s not an option for us, cycle time is really important for our test stands in customer production lines.

Is there any plan to implement an option to disable synchronization and speed up the chassis?


Best Regards



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It is being evaluated, but I can't promise any particular roadmap.

Brandon Streiff ·
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