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cDAQ 9185 The device is not reachable

I keep getting the error "The device is not reachable" when trying to connect the cDAQ 9185 to my laptop.  I have connected one previously to this laptop.  I have exhausted all the trouble-shooting guides I can find on the NI website.  NIMAX sees the device, but not its modules.  NIMAX says its status is "Connected - Running" but still the error "The device is not reachable" is at the top.  Trouble shooting included:


Reconnect device



Checked the NI Device Loader (ok)

Reset Configuration Data

I have changed the ethernet IP address on the laptop to match the range of the cDAQ IP, but it did not fix the problem.  Any suggestions?

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I have the same problem. Did you resolve this? 

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I had been given this by Tech Support


I downloaded a lot of updates, including to NIMAX, and restarted the computer.  When I brought NIMAX back up, there was a button to Update Firmware, where it had not shown before.  When I pressed it, it brought up a browse window to find the file.  (It did not find the file itself).  I browsed and never could find an appropriate file to open, so I closed the window.


However, also, on the tabs along the top of the NIMAX window, there was a tab that allowed me to “Unreserve” the device, and then to “reserve” the device.  I had been looking for that before, but was never an option.  Now that it was there, I did this, and the device and its modules connected and communicated.


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I had a similar problem with a cDAQ 9189. Whilst I could use an internet browser to connect to the IP address of the cDAQ, and it would display correctly (note that Internet Explorer is no longer available on Windows 10 computers and one has to use Edge Browser in Internet Explorer compatibility mode, and then click an option at the bottom of the screen to allow Microsoft Silverlight plug-in to run). 


The solution for me was to use NI MAX , right click on the Devices and Interfaces > Network Devices > NI cDAQ-9189 .... > Delete, then left click on Devices and Interfaces > Network Devices and select Add Devices. This added the device and the "device found" sound was made, and it all worked as normal.  


I am puzzled why I could connect to the device with a browser, it all seemed fine, it was just NI MAX was not working. I hope this helps someone. I spent a day wasting time on this.


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