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cDAQ-9184 problem. Modules in uknown state?



I'm using Measurement and Automation explorer to config tasks for my cDAQ-9184 ethernet device. Everything works ok. I can load and run tasks from c# .net using DAQmx.


But, if the PC (running windows 7) has gone to sleep and I "wake" it up and try to run any task on the cDAQ-9184 I get an exception.

Also, when I start MAX and look at the card it seemes that the modules are disconnected. See screenshot.

Modules in uknown state?!'


If I perform a self-test. The modules will go "online" again after some time.


I've seen the same behaviour on a different 9184 system. I also tried the latest firmware 1.5.1


Do you have any ideas? Is this the normal behaviour? Are the modules in some sort of sleep-mode? 🙂




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Oh, and by the way. The exception I get is the following. 


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Hi DevAutoit-


I suspect that you're running into the behavior that I describe in this post.  Basically, suspending the system is observed as a loss in a connection between the chassis and your host PC, so a Device Reset (or similar) operation is required on the chassis object to re-establish the connection between the two.  Hopefully this is a fairly painless addition to your program that can add a lot of reliability improvement.



Hopefully this helps-

Tom W
National Instruments
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Doing a Self-test in the beginning of application solves the problem. But we didn't see this problem using a cDAQ9181, in that application we created tasks programatically and verified them instead of Loading tasks.

Thx for your answer.

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