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cDAQ‑9184 Chassis

Hello, anyone can help me. I have cDAQ‑9184 Chassis and the modules are NI 9211, 9203, and 9205. My project is about to monitor temperature, light intensity and production rate. Can anybody help me how to connect lm35, ldr module and proximity sensor to my NI module?.

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Hi, a few initial hints for your application. 

NI-9211 is a temperature module: it permits you to directly connect a thermocouple to measure the temperature. No need for the LM35, which on the other hand could be connected to the 9205 (it can't be connected to the 9211). 

I have no experience on ldr modules, but I see you have no digital input module where to connect a proximity sensor. 

What are you exactly intending to obtain from your system? 

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