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cDAQ 9184 -201401 Error

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Having a lot of trouble connecting to 9182 Chassis with the following error in all cases:

2017-04-05 10_47_16-Program Manager.png


I can see the device - the error occurs when I click "add device"


I have tried:

-Direct connect to computer (both with the computer on DHCP and giving it a static IP and the chassis on local link only)

-on the network, dhcp on the pc and the unit


I can always see the unit - just can never add it successfully.  I can change the hostname and network settings.   My MAX version seems to be 15.

When I click on "set permissions" I cannot open that tab in the web browser.  Have access to all other tabs.


I'm out of ideas and could use suggestions.  The unit is brand new.


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Hi caurora,


I hate to ask the obvious questions, but have you tried manually resetting the network adapter that you are directly connecting to?


Are you able to give a different Ethernet cable a shot?


I would try resetting the  MAX database next:


What Is the Process for Resetting the MAX Database?


Beyond these steps, take a look at this troubleshooting guide, if you haven’t already seen it.


Network cDAQ Troubleshooting Resources


Hope this helps!



Sam R.
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Accepted by topic author caurora

I managed to fix this.



I reset the unit in software

While the unit was resetting - I pulled out one of the modules

All of sudden the computer started doing "installing device drivers" etc...

Put the module back in - added the device without any issues and was able to see the modules.


I have no idea why that worked.  Perhaps the moral of the story is to attach the chassis without any units in it?

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