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cDAQ-9172 showing "Unsupported Module"



I have a cDAQ-9172 chassis with 4 modules installed (1 NI 9205, and 3 NI 9211's).  I was acquiring data with this setup for about 2 months without any problems, before one day I started my computer and found that it wasn't working.  When I veiw the hardware in Measurement and Automation Explorer, I see "Unsupported Module" next to all of the modules, except for 1 of the NI 9211 modules.  When I highlight one of the unsupported modules all the options (self-test, reset device, test panel, etc.) are greyed out. A self-test of the chassis passes and the Ready/Active LED's on the chassis are Orange/Off.


After a little time on the phone with tech support and my local AE, we concluded the 9172 chassis was defective.  I then received a new chassis from NI, and it is acting exactly the same as the previous one.  When I move the modules to different slots in the chassis, the "Unsupported Module" status follows the module.  I have installed the chassis into multiple computers, with different USB cables, and always get the same result.  I also installed a fresh version of DAQmx 8.8 and then 8.9...same result.  Could this mean I have 3 modules that went bad simultaneously.


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks



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I'd be curious to know if the cdaq chassis you returned was determined to be a 'no trouble found' or if there was a problem with the chassis.  Do you know this?  if not you should contact NI support and find this out as it would be valuable information.  It is possible, I'm afraid, that something may have happened, either a power surge or something, where it could have fried the chassis and the modules.  If the chassis works great with other modules and it is only those three modules that are unsupported it is possible that those modules are shot.

Charley Dahan

Global Account Manager
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Hi Charles,


Well I think you're local AE stopped by yesterday, and we concluded the 3 modules were all fried due to some kind of power surge or static charge build-up , like you suggested.  I've never worked with a completely isolated system like the compactDAQ modules, so I've never run into this problem before.  No I just have to figure out how to properly ground my sensors/thermocouples.


Thanks again,



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