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cDAQ 9133 running embedded windows 7 and a NI 12" monitor connected to monitor port is blank after coming out of sleep mode. cDAQ 9133 has status LED blinking yellow, press reset button, status light goes off, monitor indicates rebooting and then goes blank. NI 12" monitor power LED keeps flashing green. Pressing button has no effect. Monitor stays blank. Have to power cDAQ off then on to restart windows and monitor to display normally.

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Hi sfrosty,


Just a couple questions:


- What rate is the cDAQ 9133s status light blinking at? Page 45 of the user manual ( explains the different blinking patterns and what they mean. - Has this always occurred or just started occurring now, if so has anything changed in your setup?

- What model monitor is it?

- What cable are you using to connect the monitor to the cDAQ (NI cable or other)?


Finally, this may seem like an overly obvious question but are you able to just configure the cDAQ to never enter sleep mode? This could be a good workaround for the time being. 



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Hello Queenie,

It is a constant blinking. The Monitor is a NI TSM12- 783635-01. I'm using the NI cable that came with the monitor connected to the monitor ouput of the cDAQ. Both cDAQs and monitors I've tested behave the same. When the monitor goes off, the only way I've been able to get it back on is by power off then power on the cDAQ. The power light on the monitor will constantly blink green when this happens, pressing the monitor power button off than on results in it being in the same mode - blank screen. As far as sleep mode, I have intentionally put it in sleep mode when I leave for the day. Maybe the embedded Windows-7 system doesn't support sleep mode? :smileyindifferent. In addition, NI or Windows embedded 7 has sleep mode and "Turn off display" options disabled (ghosted). However, I am able to select Sleep mode from the shut down menu. Maybe I just answered my own question? That being: Don't put it in sleep mode! ??

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With the cDAQ and the 12" NI monitor displaying normally, pressing the power button on the monitor turns the monitor off. Pressing the power button on the monitor again makes the power button on the monitor green light blink consistently. No matter what I do, the only way I've been able to get the monitor to display again is to recycle the power on the cDAQ which causes a re-boot.

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Hi sfrosty,

did you try updating the BIOS on your controller?

The procedure is described here:

The newest NI-RIO driver can be found here: (before installing it please verify if it is compatible with your current software stack)

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I have not tried updating the bios. Was wondering why I would would have to update the bios on a brand new cDAQ chassis and monitor? But I'll try that next if no one can give a definitive answer.

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The NI TSM12- 783635-01 Manual states the power button on the rear of the NI TSM display turns the monitor on and off. The button will not turn the monitor on after it is off and still connected to the operating/running cDAQ 9133 Win7 embedded controller!

The windows7 embedded operating system is set to monitor always on in the control panel, however, the TSM12 has its' own timer with settings up to 60 seconds constant on. I need to set the monitor to always on, otherwise it will interfere with testing. Is there a way to set the monitor timer to never off?


I still have not updated the bios. Is there an error in the bios that was delivered with the controller and monitor? Is that why it needs to be updated. If so, please supply information on the upgrades relating to the cDAQ 9133 embedded windows7 controller and th NI TSM12 display.


We have several of these systems!


Thank You!

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With regard to: "the TSM12 has its' own timer with settings up to 60 seconds constant on", it appears the timer function is inoperable or overidden by the embedded windows 7 cDAQ controller display setting set to always on. I left the system with display on overnight and it was still on this morning. Smiley Happy

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Accepted by sfrosty

There are no BIOS updates for the cDAQ-9133 at this time.


The timer documented in the System Menu section of the TSM-101x Series manual is a bit misleading -- it actually refers to how long the onscreen display remains visible after the last button a user presses.  As you've discovered with your overnight test, monitor sleep and screensaver modes are dependent on the display configuration in the OS.


The behavior you've described -- being unable to recover display when the monitor powers off and back on -- is a known issue that is currently under investigation.  For now, the recommended workaround is to configure the display to be always on, just as you've done.

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Thank You! My solution has been not to press that button! I just contacted NI with a separate issue concerning displays. You referenced a firmware update for the C-rio. I just asked support if there is a frimware update for the cDAQ-9133 running windows7 embedded and how do you determine the current firmware version. He is looking into it! Smiley Happy

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