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cDAQ-9132 embedded windows 7 disk image

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What is required to create a cDAQ-9132 embedded windows disk image? I found that a 32 gig SD card does not work. Exactly what type of external hardware do I require?

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I was successful in creating an image by utilizing an external USB DVD drive and DVD. Plan to try a USB stick (30g) next.

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Accepted by topic author sfrosty

I was able to create the image on a DVD but could not find a way of installing the image! I was successful creating and installing the image using "AOMEI Backupper":

Create a cDAQ disk Image:

If not already Installed on cDAQ:

Download AOMEI Backupper from:

Install application on 30 gig USB drive.

Plug USB drive into cDAQ.

Click on AOMEIBackupperStd to install on cDAQ

End If not already Installed on cDAQ:


Delete all files from 30 gig USB drive.

Click on New Backup

Click on Disk Backup

Click on Add Disk ("x":\drive (the 30 gig USB drive will be displayed)

Select Disk 2, the USB 30 big drive.

Select Start Backup.

After image has been created, copy to safe location; you can delete the image from the 30 gig USB drive at this time.


Restore a cDAQ disk image:

Copy cDAQ disk image from where previously stored to 30 gig USB drive.

If AOMEI Backupper is not already installed on cDAQ perform "If not already Installed on cDAQ" above.

Click on Restore.

Select image on 30 gig USB drive.

Verify that cDAQ has been restored.

End Restore a cDAQ disk image.

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