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backplane trigger on NI PXI-1036 failed to link together



I m using PXI-1036 to try the example on HSDIO (PXI-6552) Dynamic Generation with Marker Event. 

I have try various example and I have found my PXI backplane failed to work. 


Let say I export markertrigger0 to backplane line0, the trigger will failed to received.

But, If I export the trigger to the physical line (PFI 2 to PFI 3), the trigger will be succefully sent. 


By observe by scope (PFI 2), I can see a active high pulse exist for a moment.

But if I "link" it by PXI backplane RST line 1, then it is likely the trigger will never be received.


How to test the backplane trigger line ? Any issues with PXI-1036 backplane ?

I have check with the MAX configuration about the trigger line, nothing wrong there. 

The trigger line not been reserved and I m sure no other services is using the backplane trigger line. 


Please advise. Thanks 

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This is my MAX screenshot. Other device like PXI-6552 can smoothly. 

With this configuration the backplane trigger line doesn't shared. Then I try to assign the PXI System (Unidentified) to External PC.The result remain disappointed.



This is my code diagram for experimental the trigger signal. From script generate wf0 marker0 (20,40), and the configuration below, I can observe 2 pulse on sample-20 and sample 40.


I then change the PFI1 below to PXI TriggerLine 0/RTSI 0, so that trigger will be send and receive via PXI TriggerLine 0/RTSI 0. But It can't work.




Please help. Thanks. 


Message Edited by engwei on 12-24-2008 12:40 AM
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LOL. Let me answer the post by myself.


There is a limitation for the marker event. The "Advanced Trigger" may not been triggered if the marker event generated is too close (I think 512 samples range should be safe).


generate wfm marker0(0,200)   <= second marker event generated may be skipped .. 



Really hope if NI HSDIO documentation include all posible limitation for commands or functions. 🙂 ..
And I thought it was the PXI backplane trigger lines problem .. ... 

Message Edited by engwei on 12-26-2008 06:03 AM
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