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autosensors not recognized in SensorDAQ

I just obtained a sensorDAQ (vernier /NI).
This USB data acquisition device should recognize Vernier sensors automatically.
With the Vernier software (LoggerPro 3.6.1) this works fine, With NI software there is a problem.
For instance does recognize the DAQ, but it immediately stops with error 0. It does not recognise the sensor. runs as expected. This vi does collect and display data from the light probe that I used in this test.

Can yo help me out?


Thanks in advance

Henk Buisman

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Dear Mr. Buisman,


Thank you very much for your post on our webforum.


We don't have this device, so it isn't possible for me to reproduce. I did have a look at the VI (downloaded the driver and example set). When you open the block diagram from you will find at point 1, please open this sub VI and verify if the proper device is selected under the Device control at the front panel.

If this doesn't solve the problem, please try to run the example with highlight execution and look at what point the VI is going wrong. I think it is at the set up VI, but maybe we are looking to the wrong part.


Best regards,

Martijn S
Applications Engineer
NI Netherlands
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