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analogue output on DAC0 OUT on E-Series DAQCard

Hopefully an easy one this time! I ma trying to output a single change of level signal to the analog output on my e-series DAQCard using the nice simple AO One PT vi in LV6. When i run this i get the following error 10403 - The specified device does not support the requested action (the driver recognises the device, but the action is inappropriate for the device).

In the VI i have used a constant on the channel input and set this to 0, is this the analog channel AI0 or does the vi only use the DAC1 OUT & DAC0 OUT channels? if this is the case what text do i use to select the DAC1OUT channel?

Regards R
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You can just right click at the channel and create a constant. That constant will refer to the AO channel. Don't forget to set the device number as well (the default for that VI is device 0, you need to change that to match the device number MAX assigned to that board).
If that doesn't work, I believe the first step for you is to run one of the examples which ships with LV, for analog output. One you can try is "Generate 1 point at 1 Analog". That vi can be found at Serach Examples->I/O Interfaces->Data Acquisition->Analog Output->Single Point Analog Output.
If the same error occur, you can test the Analog Output on MAX (use test panel, go to the Analog Output tab and generates a sine wave there). If you see the same error on MAX, the problem is probably
related with the board installation or the Analog output channels is damaged.
After those tests, you can try to uninstall and reinstall NI-DAQ to see if the problem is fixed.
Hope this helps.
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