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WriteMultiSamplePort only writing last value in array


I'm new to c# and to the NI programming.  I have a PCIe 6321 DAQmx board.  I want to write a buffer/array of values to Dev1/port0:0-7.  I can write a single value just fine using WriteSingleSamplePort, but when I try to write 8 data values via WriteMultiSamplePort, all I get out is the last element of the buffer/array.  I monitored the output from the PCI card using a logic analyzer.


What am I missing?  Should I use a clock with this output?  I'd like to control the data generation rate, but I have not gotten that far.  I presumed the internal rate generator of the board would be sufficient for the data generation.  Additionally, I presume the data should repeat until I tell the board to stop generating.


My simple program is supplied with this message.


I'm using DAQmx 19 with VS 2017.


Any help is appreciated.

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