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Wiring tri-axial MEMS accelerometer to NI 9230 BNC

Hi all,


I'm looking to connect a TE Connectivity 4030 tri-axial MEMS accelerometer ( to the NI 9230 module with BNC connections and I'm a little stuck on the wiring required to split the accelerometer cabling and fit BNC connectors. 


The wiring diagram provided by the accelerometer manufacturer is:



As far as I can tell it is possible the cable would probably need to go into a small junction box where it can connect to 3 separate coaxial cables with BNC connectors on the other ends. I think each axis (pink, green & brown) will need to be connected to the central core wire of the coaxial cables. The ST (grey wire) I believe will need to be connected to each of the coaxial braided shield giving them a common ground.


Would this be the correct/best way to connect the accelerometer to the NI 9230 module? And is there anything else I should consider when connecting to the NI 9230?


Thank you for any help you can offer!

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My below guidance is based on the operation manual and datasheet

  • Sensor need to powered by a constant current source 4mA through +EXT and -EXT wires
  • ST is SelfTest wire and it should be connected to GND to put the sensor into self test mode - ST is not GND and do not connect to BNC shield


  • Signals are Single-ended, referenced to GND (in this case -EXT), so the BNC shielding should be connected to -EXT


NI 9230 has IEPE excitation source but those are used in the case where the sensor uses same wires for signal and power, in this case, the sensor uses a separate cable for power and signals are single ended. So, in my opinion, you cannot use the IEPE excitation from the instrument to power this sensor and you need an external source.

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Thank you for your help Santhosh!


Is there a different NI module which we could use to power/collect data from this accelerometer?


And can the power problem be summarized as NI 9230 has IEPE excitation source which can only be used with piezoelectric sensors or have I misunderstood?


Thank you again!



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